1907, 2022

Fit in her 60s! 5 Years Stronger, with Ruth

I was almost 60 and I felt overweight and unfit with minor health concerns. I knew that I had to do something. Occasionally I had been creeping on SBS website to see if there [...]

507, 2022

More Energy & More Confidence in Six Weeks!

What can you change about your fitness in six weeks? In reality, making new habits that stick takes longer than the popular notion of 21 days. It's more likely double that. Yet you can [...]

3105, 2022

How to get started…

CONSISTENCY IS KING Or, how to stop being consistently inconsistent (see what I did there?) It's no sweat. Really! How many times have you tried to start working out at a new gym? Once, [...]

2004, 2022

Practice Fitness Daily

Practice Fitness Daily Our gym has a private members Facebook page, and recently the following questions were put forward in a post: • What are your health and fitness goals (past/present) in the gym, [...]

2802, 2022

10 Reasons Why Teens Should Do CrossFit

1. TO STAY IN SHAPE CrossFit promotes being in shape and being “the Fittest in the World.” (If you go to the games, that’s your winning title). But even if you just want to [...]

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