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  • Before you go, would a GAP Membership fit your needs right now? A GAP Membership is $99/month +GST and gives you access to our at-home workouts, plus keeps you connected to the valuable social network (FaceBook group, SBS programmed WODs through SugarWOD, Member Emails, workouts for home/travel AND 1 drop-in session/month) when you are experiencing a short-term inability to get in for regular training, without officially cancelling your membership. It fills in the gap until you are able to get back into full training again! Please email info@stonebrookstrength.com 14 days before your next scheduled payment in order to activate the GAP Membership option.
  • If you cancel and later decide to reactivate your membership in the future (and we hope you do) membership rates in effect at the time of reactivation will be applicable as membership rates are subject to change.
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