Anyone who really knows me, knows I hate exercise. I hate sweating and I hate being out of breath. I have also always been anywhere from 15-30lbs overweight. Everything always started again on Monday. I lack motivation. Being “big boned”, I didn’t think anything would ever really make a difference. A few years ago we were fortunate enough to buy a place at the lake. Our neighbour there was 80+ years old.  Alice had been at the lake for over 50 years. Her last year there, she was on the roof cleaning the leaves and swimming. She could run laps around me with the lawn mower. I love the lake and I love all we get to do there… sometimes it’s hard work. Physical work. I love to kayak and swim. But I often felt weak. Needed help to carry my kayak up and down the hill. I decided I needed to be better. I wanted to be like “Alice”! I will be the 80 year old lady on the lake in my kayak, and swimming. It was time to get serious and “DO” something to make sure that could happen. Last November Robin posted an Express class at 6 am. I don’t sleep-in much so I figured… “NO MORE EXCUSES”! Then coach Bev came along. She puts up with me when I complain…. (I tend to do that ALOT). And she knows when to push me and has more confidence in me than I do myself…and then came along the 6 week challenge. I did something I would have never done in the past….. I set up my garage (a bit) as a gym. I’ve been doing zoom workouts, and working out on my own. It takes work, and I’m doing the work, but definitely not alone. I am so grateful for Bev and Stone Brook Strength.  It’s been a year for sure… and instead of gaining the “COVID 20”, I’m getting Stone Brook Strong!

Dawn Grenier

Stone Brook Strength Member

“I’ve been at Stone Brook Strength now for just over 3 years. I started with Robin and Aaron in their basement and it’s been a revolutionary experience for my life. It’s changed so many things. I’m stronger and fitter now then I have ever been in my 56 years of life. I’ve really appreciated the personalized training I’ve gotten here and coming into to the gym, there’s no need to come up with your own programming everyday as the programming is set for you so you don’t even have to think, you just do it. As well as all the lifts that you do are monitored by the coaching staff (which are all fantastic!) and they check to see if you’re doing the lifts the right way, in a way that’s sustainable for you and you see increases right away! For me, it’s just been something that has been super good for my body and for my head (mental health). I’m very, very thankful for the opportunity to have gotten to meet Robin and Aaron and their crew! Being a member at Stone Brook Strength has truly enriched my life.”

Danny Plett

Stone Brook Strength Member

“Joining SBS has been one of the best decisions we have made together! We started in April 2018 after seeing a post about the gym on Facebook. A little over a year later, we are now stronger, healthier and are more active as a family (our daughter attends the teen class as well). We recently participated in Mud Hero and had so much fun! We never would have been able to do something like this before. Not only have we found a great place to work out, but we have connected with so many great people and coaches! This really is “the happy gym”.

James & Sheila Reidiger

Stone Brook Strength Members

Robin and Aaron have created something really exceptional at Stone Brook Strength. Since I started only 4 months ago I have gained strength, mobility, energy, motivation and a new confidence in what I can achieve. The personal training sessions with Aaron are easily the highlight of my week. (Even though I whine!) PT is absolutely worth it, some days it’s the best cure for any stress! Robin’s energy creates crazy positive vibes through the whole place! Not once have I encountered attitude from anyone- just high fives and encouragement. I am grateful for their professionalism, patience, extensive knowledge and their dynamic team of coaches! It’s been a total game changer for me.”

*Kelsey’s 1 YEAR GYM-AVERSARY UPDATE* Started as a member June 5th, 2019 (Started Nutrition July 18th, 2019)

“I just started. Because I had to start somewhere. I walked into the gym last year and asked Aaron for help. I was so skeptical and did not want to spend the money at all. But I had goals, I was stuck, and ultimately I trusted him. I did my foundations classes with Liz, all the while determined I would never be ‘that gym fanatic’ (#irony) but I was going to just lose a little weight and work on some of my goals. The barbell intrigued me but the trust in the coaches was the most important thing.

Looking back now I can’t believe where I started. I can’t believe it took me 15 years, my entire adult life, of being overweight to finally put my ego aside and learn. There were times that I wanted to quit because I felt defeated. I thought everyone else was in better shape than me. Burpees nearly ended me. I could not imagine a fit and healthy version of myself. I was nervous when I started classes with strangers. I did not hire a nutrition coach in the beginning because I thought it was a waste of money. Two months in I was loving the workouts and gym community, and I was starting to feel my body change but I had gained 2 Lbs, when the whole point was to get healthier! So I took the key step and hired a nutrition coach. Game changer!

So what’s ‘The Secret’? No Excuses! No Excuses doesn’t mean doing everything to the max and working out so hard you could hurt yourself while eating nothing but dry vegetables and plain chicken. That’s ridiculous. No Excuses means realizing that everyone is busy, nobody has extra money to spend, everyone has barriers, and you are not so special that your barriers are any more difficult than anyone else.

My coach gave me small steps, one at a time, and I was never asked to do anything that I was not capable of. I relied on the coaches completely. I am not on a diet, nor will I ever be, but I can spot a carb, protein, or fat a mile away. I take rest days when my body tells me to, I do active recovery, I binge watch Netflix, drink too much some times, and I love me some wings. I stretch. I do the work. Balance. Discipline. Freedom.

Everything in my life is better. Everything from travelling, to house chores, to my work, to relationships, to confidence, to lifestyle is immeasurably better.

It’s the best thing I ever did and I love setting new goals and look forward to crushing them!

I’ve lost about 50Lbs and 14% body fat, by the way.

This whole journey has impacted my life so much. it means so much to me in so many ways that it’s hard to put into words. I feel unstoppable.

My husband started lifting too and is already seeing major results, and the girls finished foundations and I can’t wait to start classes with them too!

Kelsey Wynn

Stone Brook Strength Member

“In September of 2018 my husband and I started our journey together as a couple at SBS. Our goals were both the same at the time and that was to gain weight, be physically stronger and to gain better knowledge on nutrition and healthier eating habits. With the help of the coaches for their consistent positivity, encouragement and support we are reaching our goals. We have gained way more confidence in ourselves and gained new friendships. Also the atmosphere at SBS is  amazing. It’s no wonder they call it #thehappygym.”

Andy & Breanne Mueller

Stone Brook Strength Members

“In October 2017 I was “coerced” into joining a Foundations class at Stone Brook Strength. I figured – try it for a month – show my friend how hopeless I was at exercising – and continue on with my life. I did not know what a life changing decision this would become.
I have MS and had been regularly losing muscle mass. I just figured that was my lot in life. I felt there was no way I could do CROSSFIT- my goodness isn’t that for people with really big muscles who could walk on their hands? I could hardly walk on my feet!! But I found out how wrong I was in my view of CrossFit. If I had to describe CrossFit I would say it is an exercise program that combines weight training and cardio workouts. It is a program that can be modified for every individual person. You aren’t just left on your own to work out, the classes are kept small so that the coach can make sure that you are doing things properly so that you will not injure yourself. And the coaches are SO encouraging! Everyone at the gym cheers you on, whether you lift 20 lbs or 200 lbs.  My coaches and my fellow “exercisers” have become my friends, my family. Nobody fails! You only compare against yourself, no one else. I have gone from having trouble with lifting a wooden dowel over my head to being able to lift up to 65 lbs. I couldn’t walk up the stairs very well- now I carry my groceries up the stairs with ease. I helped someone pack and move out of their house – my parents were astounded at what I could do. Two years ago I wouldn’t have been able to do anything. The best part are two compliments I received this summer, one from my dad:  “this was definitely one of the best decisions you’ve made!” And from my MS doctor at my annual check up this summer: “Your brain really likes exercise! You have improved in every test in comparison to 2 years ago – good for you! I’m recommending CrossFit to my other patients!
You can’t put a price tag on your health. I’m so thankful to be part of the SBS family!!”

Heather Friesen

Stone Brook Strength Member

“When I first started at Stone Brook Strength back in fall of 2015, it was a way for me to get stronger after having knee injuries from running. I needed to find a new way to workout that focused more intentionally on strength training but still combined a good level of cardio, my favorite. I didn’t know it at the time, but Crossfit was the perfect solution! I did gain strength… that was easily accomplished with the fantastic coaching of Robin Maier. Not only did she help me get stronger to help with my knee issues, I was also better able to carry all my groceries in at one time (!!), my endurance level got much better and I gained a significant amount of power in my volleyball serve. I have been very consistent in attending the classes and I have seen changes not only to my physical appearance but I have attained a great level of self confidence as well. And to top it all off, I’ve found a lovely, supportive community of individuals that cheer me on, care for me and rally together to accomplish a hard workout. To be honest, I always have a hard time getting TO the gym (because I don’t always feel like working out)… but once I’m there, I always have a hard time leaving! It’s always fun and I always feel like a million bucks afterwards. The coaching is top notch and they always push me to get better. But they are also so good at finding ways to modify workouts to suit my abilities. Robin and Aaron have built a wonderful wholistic fitness community of varied levels of athletes all centered around being the strongest version of you. I love Stone Brook Strength and all that I’ve gained from being a member.”

Steph Thiessen

Stone Brook Strength Member

“I first joined SBS about 2 years ago now. I enrolled in the 6 week Lean program. Just to see if I liked CF. I must say it was one of the hardest workout programs I’ve ever done. I cried my first day because I was so sore. But I also felt good. My reason for joining was because I noticed I was gaining weight. And my knees were hurting. My best friend had gastric bypass surgery and I was on the list to having one myself. However, I noticed the complications she had so I figured there has to be a better way! So SBS it was! After the Get Lean class was over I had to transition over to the regular classes which meant I got to learn how to use the barbell. I was scared because I thought how am I going to lift that thing with weights?? So I tried it. And I fell in love. I kept going to classes to build my strength. There were challenges. As I felt frustrated I couldn’t lift heavy. But I was determined so kept at it. Especially after I noticed my clothes were falling off. And I was developing muscles (I love seeing them pop out now!) I can now lift some heavy weights! I also noticed a couple of more things. I was getting stronger and more fit. And my mood is better whenever I go to a class. I have anxiety problems sometimes and some days are hard for me to go anywhere. But because I love CF so much and how I feel afterward, I just go. And I feel better! The gym is very welcoming and encouraging! Everyone there boosts one another. I find I’m even offering encouragement to others too. It’s addicting! My husband works for the RCMP so we move a lot. Living in Steinbach has been a challenge for me at times. I didn’t know anyone. This was another reason why joined a gym – to get out of the house and meet people. And I’m glad I came to SBS. If anyone needs a good gym to go to I highly recommend SBS. They work with you at your own pace and make you feel at home. Best lifestyle decision I made. Peace!”

Radene Henderson

Stone Brook Strength Member

“I joined SBS after my wife (Radene Henderson) joined. I saw how motivated she was and noticed she was trimming down. So I gave it a shot. I am glad I joined because doing CF has made me stronger. It’s challenging to get to the gym due to my work schedule. As I work shift work. But whenever I am able to go I am glad that I do. The gym has been so welcoming and encouraging. I highly recommend SBS to anyone!”

Chris Berner 

Stone Brook Strength Member

“My name is Thelma Friesen. I am 74 years old. I have been doing CrossFit for almost three years. The benefits of this exercise are with me every day. I am more flexible and stronger and more able to do the everyday activities- we all do, in our workout group (The Barbell Bettys). I am able to carry in and empty my own softener salt. I can also play on the floor with my great grandchildren and get up again without any trouble. I do not want to be without these benefits so I keep working.”

Thelma Friesen

Stone Brook Strength Member

“After an innocent looking foot injury while playing with my kids became a much bigger health problem, I found myself inactive and unhealthy. Medical appointments followed, as I tried to pinpoint the cause of my declining physical health. Finally, I looked in the mirror and decided I didn’t need to be seeking out another specialist appointment. What I needed was a trip to the gym. I liked what Aaron and Robin had to say about how building strength will serve you well in life, whether you are a competitive athlete or just a dad like me running around with his kids. With great coaching staff to guide my way and positive gym members cheering me on, I am on track for a healthier lifestyle. I have also found something I didn’t anticipate-I really feel at home. And that’s maybe the biggest part of what keeps bringing me back to #thehappygym.”

Grant Burr

Stone Brook Strength Member

“My week days consisted of sitting at an office desk, to sitting on the couch after supper until bedtime. No energy, no drive and of course weight gain. I was challenged in April of 2019 to try the Foundations class, and that has been the beginning of an incredible journey for me, both mentally and physically. Energy levels are up, feeling more positive, getting stronger and of course a bonus of losing pounds and inches. The coaching staff are all so amazing! From workout to nutrition coaching you are always being encouraged to keep going and be your best! I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this family!”

Joanne Pammet

Stone Brook Strength Member

“I joined SBS in January, 2017.  I had never joined a gym before so I was a little scared and anxious but after my first class with Robin that went away very quickly.  I finished the foundation classes and was hooked.  Every coach is amazing, just when you feel like you are ready to give up the coaches are right there encouraging you and motivating you to keep going.  SBS is such a positive environment to workout in, everyone from the coaches to the members are great to be around, it truly is the Happy Gym.  Since joining SBS I have gained strength, self confidence, nutrition knowledge and the love of working out again.  At almost 51 years old I feel like I am in the best shape I have ever been in my life.”

Shelley Hancox

Stone Brook Strength Member

“I started at SBS because I had developed back pain after going back to a full time desk job. I knew that as I got older, this was not going to get better unless I did something about it. But I needed to find a gym where I would find coaches that would help me, as I didn’t even know where to start. At SBS I found more than just coaches to help me, but a community of wonderful people who encourage me every step of the way. I’ve had MANY set backs in my year at SBS, and there were MANY times that I wanted to quit. The phenomenal coaches modified the movements for me, and my recovery from those set backs has been much quicker because I didn’t quit. Doing the nutrition challenge with Liz has really kicked up my weight loss and healthy eating choices. After 1 of the hardest and most rewarding years, not only is my back, and body, stronger, but my body is slimmer, my mind is clearer, and my confidence is greater! Thank you SBS for your help in changing my life.”

Pam Engbrecht 

Stone Brook Strength Member