Our group classes are designed to meet the needs of our diverse community. Regardless of your age or current fitness level, our program will benefit you.

By design, our classes are small, allowing you the opportunity to work with a professional coach for a fraction of the cost of personal training. Because of the small group setting, we are able to monitor your movements carefully and hold you accountable. Your coaches will know your goals, concerns, pre-existing conditions and will modify workouts accordingly, if needed. Furthermore, periodic goal-setting sessions are available to assess your progress and ensure you are on track with your fitness goals.

CrossFit has turned the boring, mundane yet necessary task of “working out” into a fun and motivating activity. We carefully plan our programming to give you a constantly varied (different everyday), yet balanced workout. Our coaches will be teaching and guiding you through every group class.

In this gym, your coaches and fellow members are your biggest fans. We all want to see you succeed. You may arrive at the gym tired, stressed, distracted or rushed. When you leave you will feel strong, proud, fit and encouraged. Our goal is to have your time at Stone Brook Strength be the best hour of your day! Smiling faces and fist bumps are waiting for you!